2013 Upcoming EVENTS
Level 1  
TBA                                               Time: 10 to 6
Workshop Fee:  $150           Seating is Limited - Pre-registration is required
Level 2  with KARMIC RELEASE & SELF-EMPOWERMENT - 2 Days Intensive Workshops
Certification Training include:
Level 2 Initiation and Certification
Healing beyond Time and Space
Karmic Release        
Past Life Release
Calling Back Your Spirit
Mental / Psychological Harmonization Session
Living / working Space Energy Clearing
Reiki Manual and more...
Workshop Fee:  $360                         Pre-registration required                        
Level 3
Call for Information and Scheduling
“EARTH ANGELS” Children & Teens Reiki
Summer Schedule TBA. Call for Details
* Rising Star Practitioner Training & Manjushri Initiation Workshops
Facilitated by Jayde Lucia Piot                  
Sunday TBA                          Time: 11 to 5
Workshop Fee:  $700
           Go To “RISING STAR Healing” Page for more Details
* Prema Birthing Practitioner & Teacher Training
Facilitated by Shawn Gardner & Jayde Piot
 Next Training: March TBA ~  Time: 1 to 6
Workshop Fee $400
Go To “Prema Birthing Healing” Page for more Details
* Special Events
March 30th                            Time: 7-9
Presentation & Workshop with Lorelei Pavlowsky and Jayde Piot
“ Healing with Sacred Symbols: Prema Dharmadhatu & Prema Agni” Learn to open the Heart for Love to flow Freely, and to expand Consciousness and experience Unity & Divine Love with these Sacred Symbols
Reiki Level 1 Certification  & Chakra Healing Intensive -2 Days Workshop
With Special Guests: Amanda Cook & Jayde Piot - Reiki Master Teachers Healers
Sound Healing
Day 1 include : Reiki Initiation (4 Attunements) and Certification Program
Self Empowerment & Self-HealingTechniques
Reiki for All Living Things
Reiki Manual and more...
Day 2 Include:
Breath Empowerment techniques
Chakra Healing and Balancing with Reiki, Sound & Crystal Chakra Healing Session
Workshop Fee: $250                                                 Date TBA
Day 2 is open to All Certified Reiki Practitioners and can be taken separately for $100
                        Seating is Limited - Pre-registration is required
MOKSHA FESTIVAL ~ August 13 & 14 ~ Broad Stage SM College Campus- 11th Street - Santa Monica
Join Jayde and Virginie at Booth #15
Rising Star, Photon Energy & Light Therapy, Laser Therapy Sessions
  Aromatherapy Formulas (Aromalexir), Jewelry, Sacred Symbols Thankgas
                       (310) 315-0905
Calendar  2013  
“Sharing The Light”
Reiki & Energy Healing Circle
Last Wednesdays                  
Location: Santa Monica or WLA
Call: (310) 315-0905
“The Grace Light”
Meditation & Practice of the Grace Light Empowerment
Wednesdays  at 10.30 Am or Fridays at 6.30 Pm
Yoga with Jayde
Mon: 5.30 - 6.45
Fri: 9 - 10.15
Sat:    8.30 - 9.45
Mat Pilates with Jayde
Tue:  8.30 -9.30      
Thu: 8.30 -9.30
Sat: 1 - 2
Private Sessions (Mat & Reformer) Available
(310) 315-0905
5 Tibetans with Matthew Rodarte
Wed: 11 - 12
Location: The Arch Of Light Center - Santa Monica
Qigong with Olaf Hartmann
Call for Location:  
(310) 447-8344
Bio Aquatics with Jayde
By Appointment
Call (310) 315-0905 for Location in Pacific Palissades
Rising Star, Prema Birthing Healing Systems & “More Truth Will Set You Free” Workshops
For Workshops & Certification Training scheduled in your area,  please refer to the right of this Page or go to
Sacred Quest
Journeys into Healing with John of God
Next Journey:
JULY 2013
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“Life is a Pure Flame, and we Live by an Invisible Sun within Us”