Jayde Lucia Piot
Jayde Lucia Piot is the Founder/Director of The Arch of Light Center. She organizes workshops and events together with Holistic Practitioners, Healers, and Teachers dedicating their lives to support the planetary need for healing and raising of consciousness, bringing the Divine Light and Love to All through their practices.

Currently living in the Los Angeles area, Jayde offers Workshops, Certification Training and Private Sessions in a variety of Holistic Healing Modalities including: 
   * Reiki (Usui Ryoho & Tibetan Systems), Rising Star and Prema  Birthing Healing System
   * Akashic Records Consultations
  * Neuro - Linguistic Programming
   * Singing Bowls Sound Healing ...
Jayde has written Reiki Manuals for all Levels of Reiki Certification which are available for purchase. 
She is currently completing a Reiki Book to be published for Children and Teens.

During Jayde's extended stays in Brazil, the work of Medium Joao de Deus profoundly heightened her own gifts to be a vessel for the Light and the Healing Energies that are manifesting through her.

Enhanced by her professional background as a Dancer/Choreographer and Yoga Instructor, Jayde’s Healing Work and Teachings are a very powerful experience for the integration of Body, Mind and Spirit.
Akashic Records Consultant
NLP & Beyond Practitioner
Energy Healing Modalities
Reiki Master Teacher
Rising Star Practitioner & Teacher
Prema Birthing Practitioner & Teacher
Light Language/Sacred Geometry Practitioner
Therapeutic Bodywork
Zen Shiatsu Practitioner
Fitness for Body, Mind and Spirit
Shakti Naam Yoga & Hatha Yoga Instructor
Pilates Instructor
Dance Teacher
Zumba Instructor

 Jayde’s holds the highest gratitude for Spiritual Teacher and Master Healer Derek O’Neill for his powerful Teachings of the True Heart, living example of Unconditional Love and Selflessness Service to Humanity. 
Derek’s Teachings inspire and move us beyond any shadows to truly become the Light we are meant to be. 


Jayde with Derek O’Neill
(310) 315-0905
* Gold Member of SQ-Worldwide
* Member of Spiritual Touch International