“Sacred  Quests”   
Journey into Healing
Medium John of God (Joao de Deus)

A guided Journey to
The Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil with
Amanda Cooke and Jayde Piot


John of God & The Casa de Dom  Inacio

The Casa is situated in the small town of Abadiania approximately one and a half hours from the capital Brasilia. Built on the high plateaus of South Central Brazil’s interior, healing is enhanced by the strong crystal energies of natural quartz lying beneath the Casa and surroundings.

As a full trance Medium, Joao de Deus is considered the most powerful Spiritual Healing Channel of our time. The Brazilian Medical Association has honored him with the title of Spiritual Doctor. He has devoted almost 50 years to his Mission.

Whether you seek healing on a spiritual, emotional, mental or physical level, being in the presence of a Consciousness that truly embodies the notion of unconditional Love and acceptance can be a Life transforming experience.

Various treatments are prescribed at the Casa ranging from Meditation, Crystal Light Therapy sessions, Surgery, Healing Herbs and the cleansing Sacred Waterfall. A small number of the healing operations that take place at the Casa are “visible” but most are “invisible” and painless yet as effective as a “visible” operation and conventional surgery.

The Casa de Dom Inacio operates every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Medium Joao does not charge for his services.

Our mission is to provide high quality guided Journeys that are competitively priced, offering safety and support throughout the entire Quest thus creating an optimal environment for your healing experience at the Casa de Dom Inacio.

******************************* SACRED QUESTS in Brazil
“Journeys into Healing with Medium John of God

Amanda Cook & Jayde Lucia Piot

Jayde & Amanda

Amanda Cooke and Jayde Piot have great experience with traveling to Brazil, both have had extended stays at the Casa. 

Amanda is a Casa Medium; she worked closely with Joao and is recognized by the Entities as a “Daughter of the Casa”. 
Both are compassionate Holistic Healing Practitioners, experienced Reiki Master Teachers, Zen Shiatsu Therapists, Reflexologists & Meditation Facilitators.
Jayde is also a Rising Star Practitioner  Teacher and Prema Birthing Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor.

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Casa De Dom Inacio
July 2011

Sacred Quests Inclusive
Our price is the most economical currently available, it includes:
* Finding the Best Air Fares from your departing City                                                
* Guidance with the Entry Visa process and Travel  Insurance
* Transfers to and from Brasilia or Goiania airport
* Accommodation near the Casa for the length of your stay in  Abadiania
* Three meals a day at the hotel                         
* Orientation lecture 
* Translation service
* Daily support and guidance to ensure the best results from your visit at the Casa de Dom Inacio
* An optional sightseeing trip to Brasilia or surrounding town and waterfalls.

For those who Believe no explanation is necessary. 
For those who don’t no explanation is possible.
                                                                                                     Dom Inacio de Layola 

“In a sacred setting in the heart of Brazil, Joao has created a sanctuary that provides the opportunity for profound healing of the body, the emotions and the soul. 
A trip to the Casa is life-changing across all dimensions. As a psychologist and spiritual healer, I was profoundly affected by the spiritual presence at the Casa and its ability to accelerate emotional healing for both myself and my companions. Upon returning home, I found my own healing work was transformed in depth and magnitude. Clients healed faster, with greater ease, and in fewer sessions. Joao and the Casa of Dom Inacio provide an experience of healing, hope, and love unlike anything I have experienced.
I highly recommend it to those who hear the call”. 

                 Brynne Dippell, Ph.D. Spiritual Counseling/Energy Healing - Los Angeles, CA

“Having now witnessed the miraculous cures of cancer, HIV, arthritis and various causes of disablement and the success of treatments for seemingly incurable diseases, I am coming to term with the magnitude of the work at the Casa.
I am eternally grateful for my experiences at the Casa de Dom Inacio. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this Journey to my family, friends and indeed my patients.” 

           Dr David Mickel, renowned physician in the treatment of fibromyalgia in Scotland

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