Light Language  is the use of colored Light and Sacred Geometry to create clear messages.
 Each thought carries its message. The message travels into the neurons of the brain where it is transformed into electro-magnetic impulses. These impulses shape the messages into concepts that your conscious mind can comprehend. 
Clear thoughts with clear intentions produce messages that emanate from the brain into the surrounding environment as Light Language.
This is how the Aura is formed. This is how Spirit knows what you resonate with in Life. Spirit then feeds you either with the Energy that you are resonating with, or if you are dissonating, Spirit brings balance to you. 
Light Language structures everything. Your Light Language structures your relationships, home and anything that your Aura or thoughts touch.

 To be in a Space that Light Language will work in its most powerful aspects, a certain state of consciousness is required. There are 3 principles that your conscious mind must be in agreement with:

1.	Your thoughts create your reality

2.	You are 100% responsible for your reality

3.	As above, so below.

When you know that these concepts are Universal Laws, then you can use these Laws to your advantage.

Light is the ultimate form of Energy and is available to you at all time!
Light is a valuable resource that can be programmed and used to create desired outcomes.

                       Exerts from the writings of Starr Fuentes,        
                               33rd Curandera holder of the Lineage

Light Language was brought down from one generation to another from the Mayan and the Aztecs and comes from a long, unbroken lineage of Curanderos.

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