"Missing Link"
Photon Energy is the "missing link" in the big picture of optimum health and longevity. 
The missing link is Photon Energy (Light Therapy) from the proper Light source for your biology. Scientifically, Light is a nutrient to the human body. It is like food for your biology. Humans photosynthesize Light into Energy just as plants do. Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize for this incredible discovery.

The DreamSpa is a great source for receiving the quantum energy we all need to live well. At this time in history, the science of biophotonics is so well researched and internationally praised that many people have heard of or have experienced a photon session themselves. 

The DreamSpa system is based on the latest state of the art research from around the world in the well established fields of Biophotonics, Bioenergetics, Brainwave Stress Management, Anti-Aging and Holistic Wellness.

Quality of Life
In these stressful times we need life style tools and knowledge to maintain our health, and quality of life in a holistic sense - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  
The DreamSpa Photon Energy System, is designed to profoundly improve our quantum health - the deepest core of our biology.

A truly unique Healing Session for:
Brain Repair, Sleep Enhancement, Energy Renewal & Photon Facials                  

Beta Brain Waves are the Stress Brain Waves
When our eyes are open and we are going about our daily activities like working, running errands, studying, etc we are in Beta brain waves which are about 25 to 35 cycles per second.    
We don’t get any rest in beta brain waves.  In this hectic modern world we spend too time in this Beta mode. In one way or another, our day is full of stress and our brain is forced to stay in Beta brain waves which is the stress and energy burning brain waves.
The only time we get rest is when we lower our brain waves. This can be achieved with some forms of meditation or bodywork, but neither of these gives us the full brain wave regeneration that we should be getting with a full night’s restful sleep.

The DreamSpa Photon Therapy entrances your brain waves to relax for a profound rejuvenating experience

In the first 10 minutes of each DreamSpa Session your brainwaves are relaxed from 25-35 cycles Beta to 10 cycles Alpha which induces a soothing relaxation and calming sensation in mind and body.  This is where disciplined meditators try to go.
In the second 10 minutes of each DreamSpa Session your brainwaves are entranced to 8 cycles Theta, which is difficult for most meditators because they are still awake. Only by drifting into a sleep state at 8 cycles Theta do you enter into profound stress relief and mental clarity as your brain begins to deeply rest.
In the last 10 minutes of each DreamSpa Session your brainwaves are entranced to 5 cycles Theta.  This is the Miracle Zone where significant, not just psychological but physiological brain regeneration takes place.  So, now your brain is repairing or rebooting itself physiologically as it does with deep sleep!

  What to expect from a DreamSpa  Session, Wave Lengths of Light & Safety (Click On Logo for  Info)

Mellen-Thomas, Creator of the Dream Spa has been a researcher/inventor in the field of Phototherapy and Cellular Communication for over 25 years. He is a health technology consultant and popular lecturer on the subject of Anti-Aging, Quantum Biology and Phototherapy. He holds a number of U.S. and Foreign Patents.What%20to%20Expect.html
Photon Energy - Light Therapy
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