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Inspirational Jewelry!
Bringing Healing Consciousness to the Creation of Beautiful, Affordable Jewelry!
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Create Your Own Design with Your Choice of Sacred Symbols or Color Scheme & Ask for Your Favorite Inspirational Quotes by Derek O’Neill or Sathya Sai Baba!
For Information, prices and to place an order:
Ph: (310) 315-0905 Sacred Symbols & Inspirational Quotes
“ Wall Hangings, Prayer Flags & Tanghkas” Prayer Flags - 3 Sacred Symbols (Photographed Below)
Rising Star, Prema Agni, Prema Dharmadhatu $50-
Each Square (10.5 X 10.5) can be sold separately for other beautiful usage such as Massage Table, Pillow Topping, Altar Cloth, under a small Flower Arrangement or Picture Frame, etc... Your choice of Color & Symbol- $20 Each
HOLIDAY 2011 SPECIAL: $ 10% Off (good through Jan 1st, 2012) Inspirational Quotes “Wall Hanging” - 2 Sacred Symbols - Hand Calligraphy 
(Photographed Below)
Purple & White - Blue & white also Available - L: 33”- W: 11”    $65, $70, $75 depending on length of Quote
HOLIDAY 2011 SPECIAL: $5 Off (good through Jan 1st, 2012)
Inspirational Quotes “Small”- L: 15”- W: 6”- 1 Sacred Symbol - $40
(Photographed Below)
All 3 Sacred Symbols “Wall Hanging” L: 33”- W: 11” - $65 (not Photographed)
Fabric Colors: Purple-White-Purple  or  Blue-White-Blue  or  White- Blue-White
HOLIDAY 2011 SPECIAL: $ 55 (good through Jan 1st, 2012)
“Tanghka Deluxe” - 3 Sacred Symbols Unique Beautiful Embroidery Trim 
(Photographed Below)
L: 24”- W: 16” - Purple, White also Available -$85
HOLIDAY 2011 SPECIAL: $ 75 (good through Jan 1st, 2012) These Items are sold under an exclusive agreement between SQ Wellness and Jayde Lucia Piot. No reproduction or use of the Sacred Symbols is authorized without permission. 
"The Rising Star, Prema Agni and Prema Dharmadhatu Symbols, and the terms "Rising Star Healing Modality, Prema Agni Healing Modality, and Prema Birthing Healing Modality" are owned by SQ Wellness and are protected under intellectual property, copyright and trademarks laws. All rights are reserved under all laws which may be applicable."
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