Nothing quite compare to the sharing of Love Energy that a group can generate when gathered with the same purpose!

At the Arch Of Light Center, Reiki Practitioners and Energy Healers meet monthly with the intention of sharing healing energies with each others, offering healing to family, friends and  communities in need and contributing to the Raising of Consciousness and Peace in the World. 

During our Gatherings, we can practice valuable techniques, learn from each other, have questions answered and share our Journey and experiences as Healing Facilitators.

It is also a time for Contemplation, Personal and Spiritual Growth through guided Meditation and expression of insights and shared knowledge. 
A topic to focus on during our meeting can bring much help in raising ourselves to higher levels of  consciousness and understanding of our Life Journey and walking the Path of a Healer.

Jayde Lucia Piot  
Sharing the Light Gathering Facilitator

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       You are the Light of the World. Let your Light 
       shine before others.
                                             Master Jesus 
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