The 5 Tibetans Rites
The 5 Tibetans Rites
Exercises for Healing, Rejuvenation & Longevity

 The 5 Tibetans is an ancient Yogic practice that originated in the Himalayas and was utilized by monks for centuries. 
This series of five exercises balance your body, mind and spirit. These movements, when done with consciousness, clear each of your chakras and focus your mind, leading you into the stillness within. 
The Tibetans claim that these exercises activate and stimulate the seven key chakras that in turn stimulate all the glands of the endocrine system.

“The Speed of the chakra spin is a key to vibrant health. The other keys to vibrant health that relates to the chakra is ensuring they are clear of negative energy and that they are perfectly shaped and not distorted.
The Five Rites speed up the spinning of the chakras, coordinate their spin so they are in complete harmony, distribute pure prana energy to the endocrine system, and in turn to all organs and processes in the body. This is one of the major requirements for vibrant health, rejuvenation and youthfulness.”
This meditative and powerful practice has numerous physical benefits, and allows the practitioner to maintain a higher level of energy and keep the body in the best possible condition.
In his book The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth, Peter Kelder wrote that the man who brought these Five Rites out of Tibet stated that "performing the Five Rites stimulates the circulation of essential life energy throughout the body".